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Lágrimas, terra e crisântemo 


Lágrimas, terra e crisântemo | Tears, earth and chrysanthemum, 2022

Lençol embebido no cheiro de luto | Sheet embedded in the scent of mourning

13˚ Bienal do Mercosul

In "Lágrimas, terra e crisântemo", a sheet soaked in the scent of mourning hangs on a clothesline in front of Guaiba river whilst a delicate smell permeates the space through the movement of the sheet caused by the wind.

The use of a sheet as a vehicle for the scent makes reference to the bed, the place of the amorous encounter, of rest, and of the break in reality. It is there that we dream and protect ourselves from the world, from its demands and torments. However, that's also where we cry, experience intense pain, expose our most intimate and fragile side.

In recent years we have experienced a collective grief. And, at least for me, my relationship with bed was not one for dreams. Like many, I lost someone and, as painful as the loss, was the impossibility of saying goodbye. The Ritual of a Farewell.

In that sense, the work “Lágrimas, terra e crisântemo” attempted to deliver a little bit of pain, as well as wishes, hopes, memories and an ethereal presence of a Goodbye.

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Fotos: Thiéle Elissa,
Anderson Astor e Marcelo Curia / Terramar Imagem e Conteúdo

Apoio: Givaudan 
Comissionado por Bienal do Mercosul

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