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Memories of a Carnival Ball]

Memories of a Carnival Ball], 2023

Perfumed ceramics, pollen paper, confetti, streamers, eight iconic perfumes from the last century in Brazil, a fragrance mimicking the scent of the early 20th-century carnival ballrooms, and a nebulizing machine.

27th Season of Projects at Paço das Artes

"Memories of a Carnival Ball]" is an olfactory work that transports us back to the carnival balls of the early 20th century. Comprised of ceramic sculptures imbued with iconic perfumes from the last century in Brazil, texts, confetti, streamers, and a machine that emits the scent of the atmosphere at the balls, including cigarettes, drinks, and sweat, this installation is the result of meticulous research that recreates the unique olfactory atmosphere of the ballrooms of that time.

The installation not only takes us back to an important chapter in the history of Brazilian carnival but also connects us to the culture of perfume in Brazil. It invites us to explore and relive not only the scents but also the memories and sensations that permeated the balls.

Images:  Marie Kappel 
Supported by: Vollmens
Commissioned by: Paço das Artes

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