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Fonte [Fountain], 2024

Urinol, Submersible pump and rose water

55 x 32 x 28 cm

In “Fountain,” the artist sought to create a dialogue with a fundamental work in art history, Marcel Duchamp’s urinal, which is also considered a precursor of Olfactory Art. According to Marcello Dantas, “Karola revisits this instrument in the quest to invert its meaning. Thus, it becomes re-signified as a receptacle for the senses and not just a place where we discard waste.” In her research, Braga also addresses aspects of olfactory culture throughout history.

In 17th century France, for example, the lack of basic sanitation left the air impregnated with the odors of open-air urinals. In contrast, during grand festivities, fountains were filled with rose water to transform the atmosphere, highlighting the role of aromas in modifying perceptions and environments.

Thus, Braga not only revisits art history but also explores how scents have shaped social and cultural practices over time.


Images: Tatiana Mito

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