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Damascena Garden


Damascena garden, 2018

Scented Installation with plaster prepared with golab (Iranian rose water) and video

Variable dimensions, video: color, audio, 4’ 24’’ in loop.

This work was created during the residency at Kooshk Residency in Tehran, as part of the Kooshk Artist Residency Award (KARA 2018)


Damascena garden is a scented installation composed by thousands of roses made out of plaster and gol​ab (rose water). The installation is also composed by a video that was recorded during the golab giri festival (tradition ceremony to make rose water in Kashan, Iran) and it shows the traditional hand-picking of rose flowers in the morning.


Vidro frames


“É tudo muito muito!” (it’s overwhelming!)


Arriving in Kashan, this was the first thing I told him when getting out of the car. Only then, I was able to fulfil my perception with the divine smell of damask’s flower. Almost as if the colours and the sounds of that desert landscapes alongside the road weren’t enough.

There were moments wherein nothing specific happened, but in which our memories was being marked by new scents, sounds, textures and an infinity of sensations. I was, again, dealing with the evanescence. We knew we couldn’t capture that experience in any framework. So, we sat quietly  to just observe it. 

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