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Em suas mãos


Em suas mãos | In your hands, 2022

Latão e sabonete líquido | Brass and liquid soap

13˚ Bienal do Mercosul

Em suas mãos is a work made of soap dispensers, texts and liquid soaps to be placed in the bathrooms of the exhibition space. The soap's fragrances range from familiar smells that can be easily recognized like rain, orange, grass, fresh laundry, caramel popcorn and bubblegum, to more "abstract" smells like matinee kissing
The relationship between smells, words and memory are of my interest when I explore them in my work. Each smell has its own story and in that sense the comprehension of each specific smell can be enhanced by the texts - which were written based on my personal olfactive memories.
The title of the work alludes to the subject's individual responsibility for the practice of washing hands, but also where the smell can lead deep down in each one's individual memories.


Fotos: Thiéle Elissa,
Anderson Astor e Marcelo Curia / Terramar Imagem e Conteúdo

Apoio: Vollmens Fragrances 
Comissionado por Bienal do Mercosul

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